What Does A Specialist In SEO Do?

What Does A Specialist In SEO Do?

A professional that optimises websites to increase ranks and exposure on search engine results pages is known as an SEO specialist (also sometimes referred to as an SEO Expert).

What Is an SEO Specialist’s Job?

An SEO specialist may be responsible for writing and updating content, improving text and landing pages, conducting continual keyword research to find fresh marketing possibilities, and more. Some of these techniques are rather simple, while others are considerably more involved, require numerous steps, and necessitate extensive study. All of these techniques are related to elements of the website that the SEO Specialist has direct influence over.

However, SEO also takes into account a few other variables, such as the context, rivalry, and linkages to the rest of the internet. SEO frequently involves more than just boosting click-throughs to sales pages; it also involves an organisation’s attempts to increase brand recognition and awareness.

Building brand awareness is a method that works over time as opposed to employing tactics that have a direct and immediate influence on sales. It aids businesses in gaining a following and increasing notoriety among their intended market. Through brand recognition, their target market gradually links their business with a certain good or service. For instance, the Band-Aid brand is frequently associated with sticky bandages in the general public, to the point where the two are almost interchangeable. Or think about how Apple customers eagerly anticipate the release of new products. Fantastic brand awareness, I say.

How Can SEO Help You Develop Your Brand?

Building brand recognition may seem like a difficult undertaking, but SEO offers a way to improve brand authority online and raise overall brand awareness among consumers of digital products. Although it could be a complicated endeavour, corporations willing to get engaged might start having an influence by utilising some of the following strategies.

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Create hyper-targeted content

Hyper-targeted content that more effectively targets your niche than your rivals will appeal to a certain demographic and help them relate to your business. Half the challenge is figuring out which niche it is and how to steer searches in that direction into your properties.

If you offer custom-designed dresses, for instance, you wouldn’t want to target generic terms like “dresses” or “gowns,” since doing so would certainly put you in competition with businesses 10 times your size. You should aim for phrases like “custom dresses,” “made to order gowns,” or anything similar. To find the keyword phrases that best match your product or service, and to achieve a balance between specificity and volume, you may use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner.

While targeting general keywords at the top of your sales funnel will help you attract new clients, don’t ignore consumer problems and pain points at any level of your sales and marketing funnel. You can also try employing keywords at each stage of the selling cycle. Once more, this strengthens the authority of your brand and establishes you as a pioneer in your field.

Once you’ve chosen some keywords, you can use branded (and keyword-optimised) content to start defining your company’s authority. This involves writing blog articles and website content that adheres to SEO best practises and addresses your target audience specifically.

In addition to link building for SEO, this is a great practice for organic brand-building, putting your business name in front of new audiences and increasing brand recognition while directing more quality visitors back to your site.

Start by finding the top websites and publications for the subjects people in your sector seek to achieve this (using a tool like Linkio, Alexa, or SEMRush). With the knowledge that you are speaking to the correct people, you can then interact with them and take part in their communities. Offer to undertake a content exchange or submit a guest article with a byline or writer biography backlinked to their website, then make comments with further links pointing to your website.

Engage in internet forums

Participating in online groups where subjects pertinent to your sector are discussed—whether that’s the proper threads on Reddit, GrowthHackers, and StumbleUpon, or social media channels—is another efficient SEO strategy to increase brand recognition.

Participating in the community of your industry can further establish you as a reliable authority. As you connect to your brand’s website across social networks and interact with users on each one, it also broadens your digital footprint and improves your search engine exposure.

These three SEO methods are a terrific way to get things started, but there are many more that can be used to raise brand exposure.

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