A Content Writer's Common Error

A Content Writer’s Common Error

In my quest to become a content writer, I’ve come across a majority of excellent ones offering a range of content writing services; nevertheless, they prefer to adopt a set fee throughout their services. With a business perspective, they may have underestimated the worth of their services and themselves as content writers. As a result, consumers may be able to take advantage of low prices for such difficult services.

In general, each client has his or her own business aim, thus a client is ready to take advantage of the opportunity to have a 1000-word SEO optimised blog created at the regular charge of PKR 2.5 per word. A hardworking content writer has the right to feel appreciated for our efforts and not be taken advantage of by unsuspecting purchasers.

To avoid this regrettable incidence, we should consider diversifying our pricing approach, which we will refer to as the ‘diversified strategy’ for convenience and use in the hypothetical scenario below to demonstrate the amount of the opportunity cost* of not utilising the diversified strategy.

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A Hypothetical Example

You have to execute the given tasks – mentioned below – from a client named John.

Task 1: Type a 1000-word blog about the benefits of using an automated system in company, with facts, statistics, and key words given; all you have to do is piece it all together into a blog.

Task 2: Create an email template that will assist John in attracting the attention of a recipient. It must be succinct and include information regarding the above; the subject title should be no more than four words long and should not be seen as spam’ by the recipient. Consider 150 words to be the word limit.

Comparison of two strategies

Typical (market) rate
The market pricing per word is around PKR 2.5. Thus, the money from the simple assignment is PKR 2500 and the revenue from the difficult target is PKR 375. From now on, your total will be PKR 2875.

Rate diversity
In contrast, you perform the transaction honestly, charging PKR 2.5 and PKR 3 for jobs 1 and 2, respectively, and thereby earning a total of PKR 2950.

The Entire Picture

Finally, the resulting difference amounts to just PKR 75. A businessperson, on the other hand, should be long-term oriented and not seek short-term benefits. As a result, by the end of the year, you had dealt with 120 Johns. If you employ the first technique, you will eventually incur an opportunity cost of 120 times the difference, or PKR 9000.

Because the scenario is simplified, your prospective loss might look bigger, which can have an emotional impact on you. In behavioural finance, the harm done by the typical strategy may end up becoming your regret. Regret is difficult to forget for a business person – a content writer.

Despite the fact that the latter technique requires more time and study to properly price each activity, it is still worth the extra money. After all, “no pain, no gain,” as the saying goes, so be proactive in your plans.

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